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Listen to the Audiobook & learn about the music industry. The purchase comes with audio for each section of the book.


With advances in technology making it easier for people to create recording studios within their homes there has been an explosion of new beginning and up-and-coming underground artists in the last 15 years.  But many don’t know how to make money from their music or how to properly promote their music to media outlets so they find themselves creating music but not having the success that they’re seeking. This book teaches its readers how to not only do those things but also discusses how to copyright and submit music to radio stations, and it gives resources for performance venues, record deals, playlists, a detailed explanation of what royalties are, how to secure them, and more. This book is recommended for independent artists of all genres and experiences who want to know the fundamentals of how to properly and successfully manage the business side of their careers.

Indie Artist Handbook (AudioBook)

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